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Create and print your own photo calendars using your pics



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Maybe you are tired of thaat nonsense calendar hanging on the wall of your kitchen, your office o any other place, but you don’t find a beautiful calendar to pput instead of it.

Here is the solution: EZ Photo Calendar Creator will let you create and print personalized photo calendars using your pictures and events. The easiest and most fun to use calendar creation software just got a whole lot better.

What kind of calendar do you want? Yes, you can choose among 6 Different types of calendars (Annual, Monthly, Wall, Mini Wall, Desk and CD Display Case). Automatically add blank days,

Choose from a variety of templates for each. Add your birthdays, anniversaries, and other events to the calendar. And next year, don’t worry, al birthdays will be noted automatically.

And if you want to add more than one photo, don’t worry, create a collage in your calendar, it will be the best calendar you have ever had. When it is created, you decide if you want to print i or save it as a pdf document.

The trial version includes a watermark in output

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